A Whole Body Exam is a powerful screening tool when used in the appropriate circumstances. There are many practices in the region who are offering a version of a Whole Body Scan with widely varying techniques and methods. Whether you choose The Radiology Clinic or another practice, we want you to have the most diagnostic and appropriate screening based on your needs. Wherever you should choose to go, the following questions should be asked:

• Do you use MRI as the primary source of imaging to reduce radiation and provide a diagnostic study of the brain, spine, abdomen, and pelvis?
• Is your CT scanner XR-29 compliant and capable of dose modulation to reduce radiation dose (DLP)?
• Is your MRI and/or CT program accredited by the ACR?
• Will you perform an MRA for cerebral aneurysm detection?
• Are fellowship trained radiologists reading my exam?
• Will you follow-up my medical care needs as seen on the exam (if no script is provided by a referring physician)?