What is an MRI?

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, produces detailed images of the body’s soft tissue, including the brain, spine, joints, and internal organs. MRI is one of the least invasive and safest imaging techniques. Patients lie inside the tunnel or “bore” of the unit. The MRI produces a magnetic field that changes the behavior of molecules in the body. The position of molecules can now be “read” by radio waves, which is sent to a computer that converts the radio signals to digital images which can be read by our fellowship trained board certified expert Radiologists..

What is 3T MRI?

The strength of the MRI’s magnetic field is measured in Tesla units. Most medical MRIs are 1.5T. 3T MRIs are faster than 1.5T MRI units, so the scans do not take as much time. The resolution and contrast of the image is significantly improved, so physicians can see finer detail. Sometimes to image the body with greater detail, MRI technologists use contrast dye injected intravenously into the patient’s arm. 3T MRIs are strong enough that high-contrast and detailed images can often be produced without the use of contrast injections. For patients who prefer to spend less time in the MRI unit, children who have trouble keeping still, and individuals who do not want to undergo a contrast dye injection, 3T MRIs are a better choice than 1.5T.  3T MRIs are the gold standard in present day clinical imaging.

What are the applications of 3T MRI?

A 3T MRI can be used to scan any part of the body. Its improved resolution means it is better to use 3T MRI for scans that require particular detail such as neurological scans or scans of smaller bones and tissues. Subtle abnormalities can also be more easily detected. 3T MRIs are often used in research, but more radiology practices are getting ahead of the curve and purchasing these units for diagnostic use.  The Radiology Clinic is proud to offer our patients one of the best 3T MRIs in the region.

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