Mammography studies are radiographic examinations of the breast performed with specific, tailored breast imaging equipment. Mammograms can be in the form of a yearly screening exam or part of a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for symptomatic patients. Mammograms are an important part of breast health and can be a life saving, preventative examination when performed at the appropriate intervals, at the discretion of you and your physician.

At The Radiology Clinic we offer the latest, state of the art equipment from Hologic*, the industry leader in advanced breast imaging equipment. ALL mammograms performed at The Radiology Clinic include 3D Tomosynthesis, also known as a “Digital Mammogram”. Studies show that Mammograms performed using 3D Tomosynthesis increase diagnostic efficacy of the study and reduce false positives. This means a more accurate examination with less room for error.

In addition to our technology, ALL mammograms performed at The Radiology Clinic are read by a fellowship trained Breast Radiologist. Fellowship training means that a radiologist has completed additional training in a specific field of radiology; this makes the interpretation more accurate and ensures that we are able to provide the highest quality of radiology reporting.

Mammograms can be performed as a Screening Mammogram, or a Diagnostic Mammogram. Screening Mammograms are performed on patients who are asymptomatic, and who fall within specific age guidelines. Diagnostic Mammograms are generally performed on symptomatic patients, or patients who have a positive finding on a screening mammogram. See our sections on Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms for more information.

* Check out videos from Hologic to see what The Radiology Clinic offers our patients!


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