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Ultrasound technology provides a safe, simple way to diagnose various medical conditions, monitor pregnancies, and much more. Though there are many different types of ultrasounds, they all work in a similar way, using harmless sound waves to create an image of what’s going on inside the patient. No matter which type of ultrasound is being performed, our professional staff ensure an accurate, informed procedure.



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An essential tool for all pregnancies, an OB sonogram provides a moving visualization of a fetus. The OB sonogram allows for due date estimates, fetal development monitoring, and a chance for the new parents to see their new baby grow in the womb.

Abdominal and pelvic sonograms are used to check the health of the various organs in the pelvic and abdominal regions, including the kidneys, liver,  urinary bladder, gallbladder, and reproductive organs. An ultrasound probe produces an image of the organs so they can be checked with minimal discomfort.

This type of ultrasound is used to identify blood clots or other obstructions in the blood vessels.

An ultrasound performed on the neck can help diagnose changes in the thyroid gland or other tissues in the neck.

Evaluating tissue abnormalities in any region of the body can be also done via ultrasound. Many soft tissue musculoskeletal abnormalities can be accurately and painlessly diagnosed with an MSK sonogram.