At The Radiology Clinic, we are fellowship trained, a team of experienced radiologists, a physician owned practice, and service oriented. We are here to serve the community. The patient always comes first and we are always open to help in any way possible to both the patient and the ordering clinicians.

We also offer 3T MRI services as it makes patients more comfortable by reducing any claustrophobia that they may have. The 3T MRI also offers the best images possible in diagnostic MRI imaging.

You can find The Radiology Clinic located in a brand new imaging center in the most state of the art medical office building!

MRI scanning

Patient-Focused Services

We are a physician owned and operated Radiology practice that is focused on patient care and simply doing the right thing. We are here to serve the patients and their doctors first and foremost. We are flexible and will work with your needs, requirements, and schedules to make sure you receive the best care and best experience. Whether you need specific services tailored to your patient or specific turnaround times including STAT cases, we will accommodate. The Radiology Clinic is also happy to assist with obtaining insurance preauthorizations on behalf of the patient and their doctor.

Competitive Pricing

We are able to save patients significant cost on their imaging studies. As a non-hospital based imaging center, we offer the most competitive rates, which is important today when many patients have high deductible insurance plans. We also offer large discounts for cash paying patients. At the same time, we do not sacrifice anything when it comes to service or quality. The Radiology Clinic is a brand new high end imaging center with the latest technology but with similar or even lower costs to our patients than our competitors.

Confidential Results

We relay our radiology results through HIPAA compliant channels to maintain patient confidentiality. Ordering clinicians also have access to our secure online image and report viewer.

Timely Service

We offer same day appointments in many cases for patient convenience and for urgent cases that need immediate imaging. Quick turn-around times for imaging reports are important for ordering clinicians to provide the best patient care.

Subspecialty Radiologist Expertise

The Radiology Clinic’s fellowship trained board certified radiologists are experts in their fields. Our musculoskeletal and neuroradiology subspecialty trained radiologists provide more detailed and accurate diagnoses to patients and their doctors.

Walk-Ins Welcomed

Walk-in appointments are happily accepted as long as insurance requirements such as preauthorizations can be met, which we will help obtain.

Payment Methods

The patient can pay onsite, online, by mail, or by telephone. Our dedicated billing team will help answer any questions patients have. All major credit cards and HSA debit cards are accepted.