Pediatric radiology involves Digital X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT scans, or MRI scanning in children to make diagnoses and determine treatment. The professionals at Radiology Clinic are trained in interpreting the results of radiological imaging in children to help themselves and their patients better understand the causes behind suspected medical conditions. Most procedures can be performed quickly and easily without the need of sedation. Many of these procedures may be available on a walk-in basis, meaning that you can get the testing you need straight away, with results and medical advice coming quickly thereafter, usually on the same day.

Pediatric radiology

What to Know About Pediatric Radiology

Pediatric radiology can be a daunting prospect for any child as well as their family members. Our medical imaging professionals are board-certified and are trained in helping young patients get the answers they need while working to ease any anxiety and fear that they and their parents may have about the process. In addition to having our relevant radiology certifications, we work with children on a daily basis to gain a better understanding of what it takes to take care of children. At The Radiology Clinic, we strive to make our diagnostic rooms as comfortable and child-friendly as possible; not only does this put the child at ease, it helps the staff get the best possible imaging studies so that we can move forward with a prompt diagnosis as well as an accurate treatment plan.


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