Breast biopsies are a type of biopsy that is performed using Mammography, Ultrasound, or MRI guidance. Biopsies are typically performed following an abnormal finding on previous imaging. This is most often done when a lump or mass is found that needs further investigation.

Breast biopsies can be intimidating as they are invasive, and can also cause anxiety about the results. At The Radiology Clinic we have the experience, technology, and compassion to make the experience as accurate and efficient as possible.
After the biopsy is performed by our board certified, fellowship trained radiologists, the biopsy samples are sent to a team of board certified, fellowship trained breast pathologists to examine the tissue and provide precise and timely results.

Our breast imaging team has decades of experience, and understands the physical and emotional needs of our patients. At The Radiology Clinic you can depend on us to get you through a complicated procedure, and deliver results as quickly as possible.


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