Breast MRI is a specialized MRI study that provides a high resolution examination of the breasts using a specialized protocol and custom breast MRI coil (you can think of a coil as a camera that takes the pictures within the machine).

Breast MRI studies are typically ordered to follow up abnormal findings from previous imaging studies like a mammogram or breast ultrasound. A suspicious lump or mass is the most common reason to order a breast MRI. Patients with extremely cystic or dense breasts, or patients with a strong family or personal history of breast cancer can also benefit from the 3D imaging provided by a breast MRI. Patients being evaluated for a breast implant rupture may also be prescribed a breast MRI. Using a high resolution implant protocol, ruptures are easily seen.

For a breast MRI study, patients are first screened for safety in the MRI then escorted into the exam room. A technologist will go over any questions and make sure that we answer any questions that may come up. Patients will then lie prone on the MRI table with their breasts in a breast MRI coil. When the patient is comfortable the technologist will advance the table into the center of the bore. The study takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Most breast MRI examinations require an intravenous contrast injection. If this is the case for your exam, the technologist will start a small IV before the procedure. Contrast is injected towards the end of the study and imaged dynamically with specialized sequences.The Radiology Clinic uses a class II contrast agent that is considered the safest contrast available on the market.

While MRI’s can be intimidating, The Radiology Clinic offers the most advanced technology and comfort features to ensure that each patient’s experience is as efficient and pleasant as possible. The Radiology Clinic offers the largest high field MRI bore opening and the shortest bore/tube length on the market. Due to our cutting edge technology scan times are cut down as much as 40% compared to a traditional breast MRI. Patients also have the option to listen to music while their study is being performed.


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