Breast imaging refers to a series of medical imaging tests used to primarily evaluate/screen for the presence or absence of breast cancer. The goal of diagnostic breast imaging is always to detect any potential disease as early as possible. Detecting breast cancer early provides the best chance for successful treatment as a tumor contained by its capsule has not yet spread beyond it and may be easily treated. However, this requires regular breast imaging, which is typically yearly mammograms starting at age 40 for most women.

What are The Different Techniques of Breast Imaging

Breast imaging covers several techniques: mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and biopsies.

  • Mammography: A mammogram is a low-dose X-ray of your breast that evaluates for tumors and abnormal calcifications that can indicate cancer. Techniques have improved over the years, now including 3D tomography, which is provided at The Radiology Clinic.
  • Ultrasound: An ultrasound is a test that uses sound waves to take an image of your breast. Ultrasound can be used to evaluate for palpable lumps, cysts, masses, and areas of pain. Ultrasound can also be used to screen women with dense breasts, including women younger than the age of 40 and including women with risk factors.
  • MRI: An MRI uses a state-of-the-art machine that uses a high-powered superconducting magnet to produce images that do not produce X-ray radiation. MRIs provide detailed imaging of the breast and can help make difficult diagnoses, including masses/cancers, lymph nodes, and for breast implant rupture.
  • Biopsies: Stereotactic biopsies use mammography/X-ray. Ultrasound and MRI can also be used to guide biopsies. This allows the breast radiologist to take a sample from any part of the breast and send it off to pathology to be evaluated for the presence of cancer cells or infection in the setting of a possible abscess.

What’s The Procedure Like?

At The Radiology Clinic Breast Imaging Center, we take the utmost care of our patients from the time of scheduling, throughout the actual imaging procedure, and through the reporting phase to your physician. During a mammogram, our dedicated breast imaging technologist will take low-dose X-ray pictures of your breast. If you have a breast ultrasound, our sonographer will gently place a probe over the breast and take pictures utilizing painless soundwaves. If you have a breast MRI, our MRI technologist will assist you into the MRI scanner to take images utilizing magnets. Our fellowship-trained breast radiologist will interpret all of the breast imaging performed at The Radiology Clinic.

About Us

At The Radiology Clinic, we provide the best of both worlds by combining the latest technology with old-fashioned service. The Radiology Clinic Breast Imaging Center is brand new with the latest state-of-the-art technology that provides high-quality radiology services interpreted by a fellowship-trained breast radiologist. Patient care is our primary initiative, and we strive to improve the health of our patients as an integral member of your healthcare team. Please call The Radiology Clinic at 301-217-0500 to schedule your breast imaging study.

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