CT scanning is an advanced medical imaging technique that greatly enhances the ability of doctors to diagnose and treat certain health problems. There are many ways that you may be able to personally benefit from a CT scan by Bethesda MD.

Who Benefits from a CT Scan by Bethesda MD?

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Medically known as computed tomography, CT scanning provides medical doctors called radiologists with a view of the inside of the body. Actually a series of X-rays, a CT scan is considerably more useful than other forms of imaging because it gives a three-dimensional view of a particular area or organ. It can therefore be helpful in diagnosing a number of problems, including:

  • Internal injuries
  • Muscle and bone disorders
  • Cancer
  • Infection

How Should I Prepare for a CT Scan?

Before receiving the scan, you may be asked to take off some or all of your clothing or at least to remove certain objects and wear a gown instead. This is because dentures, eyeglasses, and jewelry may interfere with the scanning process. You may also be given a contrast dye that is designed to enhance the image.

What Should I Expect from a CT Scan?

In undergoing the procedure, you will be carried atop a motorized table that slides into the machine itself. You will then remain stationary while the scanner rotates around your body. You may hear a buzzing sound, but a CT scan is otherwise painless and can usually be completed in less than a minute.

What do the Results Mean?

The scan will be administered by a trained CT technologist. The information obtained from it then will be interpreted by a board certified radiologist, who will then send results to your regular physician. The images will help in determining the nature of the problem and the subsequent course of action. You can help guarantee the quality of both your medical care and of your health in general with a CT scan by Bethesda MD.

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