A Three-dimensional Medical Image

When you need a CT scan by Gaithersburg MD radiologists, contact The Radiology Clinic for an efficient and technologically advanced imaging procedure. This type of medical imaging is appropriate for diagnosing conditions such as cancer or infection. These are the parts of the body that are viewable with this three-dimensional medical image:

  • Lungs
  • Colon
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Spine
  • Extremities
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Before arriving at The Radiology Clinic for a CT scan by Gaithersburg MD experts, we advise patients to avoid consuming food for two to four hours before the test. In addition, stop drinking beverages for one hour before the procedure to make it easier to remain comfortable throughout the examination. For CT scans, you may need to remove your clothing and eyeglasses before putting on a hospital gown in order to recline on a specialized table for the testing procedure. A CT scan is used on different ages of patients, including infants, teenagers, and senior citizens.

A CT scan by Gaithersburg MD radiologists may require an injection of contrast dye, or you might require an oral solution to create a better medical image. Computed tomography (CT) exams collect numerous images from several angles in order to produce a cross-sectional image of a portion of your body. After the image is collected, a radiologist is able to view the information right away before sending the CT scan results to your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. Imaging with a CT scan will make it easier to diagnose problems such as a growth or infection. At The Radiology Clinic, patients can schedule a CT scan or have a walk-in examination.

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