Diagnosis is the first step towards treating any condition. While some symptoms are easily observable by physicians, many are not.

A CT scan in Rockville MD can help make diagnoses clearer. This non-invasive form of imaging is convenient, safe and able to show certain symptoms that other scans, such as x-rays, may miss.

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What is a CT Scan?

A computed tomography (CT) scan utilizes a combination of x-rays and computed imaging techniques to form a more complete image of the inside of a person’s body. It creates cross-section images, otherwise known as slices that allows the scan to produce a significantly more detailed image of a patient’s internals.

The main advantage of using a CT scan machine in Rockville MD is the fact that it can do more than what traditional x-ray images can.

It can create a comprehensive picture that includes images of blood vessels, bones, fatty tissue, muscles, organs and other tissues within the body. The computed component of a CT scan in Rockville MD is what gives it the ability to make these distinctions between tissues.

Uses of a CT Scan Machine Rockville MD

The best way to understand why Dr. Naran may choose to use a CT scan is to explore some of the cases where a CT scan may be used.

These cases include:

  • To provide a more detailed picture of the chest and abdominal cavities
  • To check for obstructions and malformations in blood vessels, muscles and other soft tissues
  • Examining the brain for tumors and other abnormal growths
  • Detecting, diagnosing and assessing different cancers that may be present in the body
  • Diagnosing kidney and liver disease, and assessing the vascular issues associated with their respective developments
  • Assessing and diagnosing the condition of internal organs, such as after a traumatic injury
  • Guidance during biopsies and other evaluations
  • Determining the cause of various vascular malfunctions

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