How is a Digital X-ray Different than a Traditional X-ray?

Digital x-ray by Bethesda MD differs from traditional analog x-ray in several important ways. An easy way to understand the difference between analog and digital x-rays is to think about a film camera versus a digital camera. When taking photographs using film, the photographer cannot see the results until the film has undergone a long, expensive, and chemical laden development process. With a digital camera, the photographer can immediately evaluate, delete, retake, and share each individual photograph instantly.

In a digital x-ray, digital image sensors are used to capture the images instead of film or plates. Digital images are clearer and more accurate than analog images. This is then enhanced by the medical professional’s ability to enhance digital images to further increase clarity.

Advantages of Digital X-ray by Bethesda MD

Digital X-ray by Bethesda MD has several, potentially lifesaving, advantages over traditional analog x-ray. Medical professionals have almost instant access to a patient’s test, allowing them to provide a faster diagnosis. If an x-ray does not come out correctly or show the body part ordered, a new image can be taken immediately. Because digital images can be manipulated, digital x-rays results can be filtered for higher clarity. Results can easily and instantly be shared with other medical professionals for second opinions or in event of an emergency. Finally, digital x-ray technology requires less radiation to produce the same quality image as an x-ray on film.

Need a Digital X-Ray?

If you are in need of a digital x-ray, please contact The Radiology Clinic for a digital x-ray by our Bethesda MD location. We look forward to discussing the advantages of digital x-ray with you and scheduling your appointment today. Walk ins are gladly accepted!

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