Conditions Diagnosed Using Digital X-rays

A digital X-ray by Gaithersburg MD radiologists can help with the diagnosis of a variety of medical problems, including:

  • Broken bones – in fingers, arms, and other body parts
  • Lung problems – a collapsed lung or serious infection
  • Heart problems – Enlarged heart and CHF
  • Cancerous growths – found in different body regions
  • Obstructions – blockages in the digestive tract
  • Kidney stones

You might need to wait for several hours for a medical imaging test at a hospital’s emergency room, but at The Radiology Clinic, you are seen quickly for an examination that involves using the most modern equipment. We look forward to discussing the advantages of digital x-ray with you and scheduling your appointment today. Walk ins are gladly accepted!

The Radiology Clinic Offers Fast Medical Imaging

A digital X-ray by Gaithersburg MD experts is available within a few seconds on a computer screen, and the radiologists at The Radiology Clinic can send the information to any medical facility around the world. With this capability, you can have a specialist look at your X-ray to make a diagnosis right away in order to begin the best treatment for your medical problem.

Advantages of a Digital X-ray

A great advantage of this type of X-ray is that a radiologist can enhance the image to make it easier for a physician or surgeon to see the health problem that you are having. In addition, a digital X-ray by Gaithersburg MD radiologists requires less radiation, making this imaging technique a healthier option than a traditional X-ray.

Visit a Modern Medical Facility

The Radiology Clinic is a state-of-the-art medical facility located in Rockville MD. Patients can request scheduled appointments or arrive during business hours for a walk-in appointment. By visiting this medical facility’s website, it is easy to print out the forms needed by office staff before arriving to make the process of obtaining a digital X-ray faster.

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