What is 3T MRI?

The T in 3T MRI stands for “Tesla.” This is the unit used to measure the strength of magnetic fields. Before the development of 3T technology, the industry standard was 1.5T. The 3T MRI offers greater resolution and more detailed imaging.

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Who Can Benefit from 3T MRI by Bethesda MD?

Many patients benefit from 3T MRI. Because the images are more precise, the clinical information derived from them is more detailed and can allow for better diagnoses and treatment plans.

How Should I Prepare for 3T MRI?

As with any procedure, talk to your doctor before undergoing the 3T MRI procedure. Make sure he or she is aware of any surgeries you have had, and whether or not you have implants, surgical screws, or other metallic devices. 3T MRI by Bethesda MD needs to know these things in order to get an accurate image. Click here to read more about preparation for MRI’s.

What Should I Expect From 3T MRI?

Do not eat or drink right before the procedure, as nausea can be one side effect. Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Let the team be aware if you have asthma, claustrophobia, or other conditions that could be aggravated by being in an enclosed space. Our team of friendly professionals provides great service and will make your experience as smooth as possible.  Even if you are claustrophobic, our scanner, the environment, and our caring technologists will ease your mind and get you through our procedure.  At the Radiology Clinic, we consider all variables to make our patients as comfortable as possible along with improved scan times to limit patient waiting.

What Do My Results Mean?

Your results will be interpreted by our expert fellowship trained board-certified Radiologists.  A report will be sent out to your physician usually the same day. During your visit, the procedure will be explained in detail by our expert technologists. With 3T MRI by Bethesda MD, we strive to communicate effectively with our patients.

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