MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a non-invasive procedure used in radiology to study the anatomy of a patient through the use of magnetic fields, field gradients, and radio waves which are then reconstructed into images by a special computer. MRI is considered to be advanced cross sectional imaging as is CT. Also, MRIs are highly versatile and are used in medicine for diagnostic procedures as well as research. Today’s medical imaging has taken a considerable advancement with 3T MRI. This new breakthrough technology has generated a great step for radiology, from lower strength MRIs to 3T MRI which provides patients with improved options for diagnosis. The Radiology Clinic offers 3T MRI’s to residents of Gaithersburg MD and is happy to provide their patients with the latest technology.

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3T MRI in Gaithersburg MD represents a remarkable advancement in radiology services. Until recently, the only use for these new powerful machines was in research facilities. Now, 3T MRI services in Gaithersburg MD, offers this technology to its patients. The “T” in the name represents a Tesla, the unit of measurement for the strength of a magnetic field. Until recent times, the strongest MRI available for use with the general public was 1.5 Tesla in strength. This new advancement offers double the strength of traditional closed MRI equipment and up to ten to fifteen times the strength of an open MRI.

Benefits of 3T MRI

3T MRI of Gaithersburg MD offers the benefits of this new technology to its patients. They include:

  • Faster MRI
  • Greater patient comfort
  • Greater patient tolerance
  • Less requirement for patient sedation
  • Higher quality vascular imaging
  • Fewer artifacts because of motion
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better anatomic detail
  • Higher spatial resolution
  • Extreme reliability
  • Earlier diagnosis
  • Earlier treatment

The possibility of earlier diagnosis leads to earlier treatment, as 3T MRI provides the most detailed MRI imaging currently available to patients. Imaging has a great ability of providing better outcomes for patients.

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