Pediatric radiology uses X-rays, Ultrasound, CT, and MRI scanning to accurately determine the medical needs of people of all ages, including children. At The Radiology Clinic, our staff of professionals are highly skilled at deciphering and explaining the results of radiological results of children, so that both patients and their parents can have a better understanding of the causes of suspected medical conditions.


What You Should Know About Pediatric Radiology

For patients and parents alike who are in need of pediatric radiology by Bethesda MD, the prospective experience can seem overwhelming, if not a bit scary. We understand this, and our team of board-certified professionals are dedicated to helping our pediatric patients and their parents with any questions they may have while striving to ease any anxiety and/or fear related to the upcoming process. After completing all proper radiology certifications, our staff goes through extensive training involving working with children in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of this special patient population.


Why The Radiology Clinic?

At our office, young patients can expect to be treated with compassion and care. We have made our diagnostic rooms as comfortable and family-friendly as possible to ensure a pleasant experience for both children and their parents alike. We always want to put our patients at ease, a practice that also allows us to collect the most quality images possible, so that patients and their families can focus on advancing on a prompt diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan.


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