Select a Radiology Clinic That Has Expert Medical Staff

When a child of any age needs pediatric radiology in Gaithersburg MD, parents want to go to a clinic where the radiologists have an understanding of working with children. Children undergoing examinations from physicians are often fearful about the process, but parents can find a place where the medical staff knows how to communicate with younger children to soothe their fears.  We at The Radiology Clinic strive to make your child’s experience a great one!


Types of Diagnostic Images

The Radiology Clinic is a state of the art brand new imaging center which has the imaging equipment as well as the technical staff and fellowship trained radiologists who can collect and interpret these types of diagnostic images:


  • Digital X-ray
  • CT scans – Computed Tomography
  • MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Ultrasound


The Radiology Clinic Is a Modern Facility

Pediatric radiology in Gaithersburg MD for children is necessary to diagnose illnesses and diseases to help a physician create a treatment plan. Parents want their child to have the best diagnostic images, and The Radiology Clinic is a new facility with the most modern equipment, including a 3T MRI machine. Obtaining diagnostic images from infants and toddlers is a complex process because the child is unable to communicate where they are experiencing discomfort, but a knowledgeable radiologist can make the testing procedures easier.


How to Obtain Radiology Services

At The Radiology Clinic, we have created child-friendly diagnostic rooms in order to collect a limb or chest scan as quickly as possible. Our radiologists are certified to obtain diagnostic images from children who need to have reduced exposure to radiation. With our fast diagnostic capabilities, we can complete most pediatric radiology studies for Gaithersburg MD children without sedation.  We accept walk-in patients who need diagnostic images right away.  It is possible to contact us by phone, by online appointment request through our website, or by email to schedule an appointment.