Radiology is medical imaging technology that allows doctors to look inside the bodies of their patients for the purpose of detecting and treating a number of diseases. This type of service is available from a radiologist near Gaithersburg MD.

MRI near Gaithersburg MD

Magnetic resonance imaging is a method of examining the organs and structures within the body through a pulsating magnetic beam. It is useful in detecting problems in everything from the abdomen to the extremities of the body. The images provided are clearer than those made with conventional X-ray equipment. An MRI can be used to detect tumors and other abnormalities in areas such as the brain, spine, abdomen, pelvis, and extremities. One can expect a safe but thorough examination when undergoing an MRI near Gaithersburg MD.

CT Scan by Gaithersburg MD

Computed tomography offers a unique way of imaging the body in multiple planes and even 3D utilizing X-ray technology. This makes it possible for a physician to detect a disease at an earlier stage, increasing the possibility of a successful treatment. CT scanning is especially useful in detecting malignancies developing within the body. Largely gone are the days of exploratory surgery to detect internal diseases, now replaced with the modern miracle of a CT scan by Gaithersburg MD.

Ultrasound by Gaithersburg MD

Ultrasound is another method of looking into the body to detect disease or potential health problems. It employs high-frequency sound waves that penetrate the body.  Information is then converted by a sophisticated computer into a visual image. The results can later be discussed with the patient. Safe and effective, those who suspect health problems can determine their best course of action with the help of an ultrasound by Gaithersburg MD.

Calcium Scoring near Gaithersburg MD

This is a type of CT test that is designed to determine the risk of coronary heart disease, which in turn could assess the risk of a heart attack. The test produces what is known as a calcium score. Those with high-risk health conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure, should consider calcium scoring near Gaithersburg MD.

The Field of Radiology

A radiologist is a medical doctor with specialized training in the use and interpretation of advanced imaging. A great way to guarantee the future of your health is by turning to the services of a radiologist near Gaithersburg MD.