CT scans and MRI scans are both extremely useful tools for radiologists to obtain imaging from inside your body. They both provide accurate images and can help in diagnoses for internal medicine. The process for an MRI and a CT scan are very similar and because they both takes internal images, many people think that they are the same thing, but they have different purposes and technology.

A CT scan is a Computed Tomography scan. This means that a combination of computer technology and x-ray is used to create images that are detailed, cross sectional, and can even be made into 3-Dimensional images. This tool is useful in determining the position, shape, and size of the internal structures of the body. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. An MRI does not use radiation to produce image and instead uses computer technology and magnetic fields to image bones and soft tissue.

Although they are two different imaging technologies, these tests have both similar and different purposes. A CT scan is used for taking a closer look at the organs and soft tissue and can be useful in diagnosing an infection, making sure the correct area of tissue is biopsied if needed, and examining blood vessels. An MRI can also show many abnormalities throughout the body such as tumors and brain aneurysms. An MRI can usually provide more details than other imaging tests and is often ordered if test results from other methods come back inconclusive, as MRI has extensive soft tissue and bone marrow detail. There is also a time difference when considered how long the processes take. Although both scans are relatively short, a CT scan can be performed in just one minute or less, whereas an MRI can take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes depending on the body part imaged.  At The Radiology Clinic, 3T MRI and CT are performed with superior imaging in a timely manner.