foot painDoes your foot hurt? Whether you feel pain for no specific reason or you have been experiencing a foot injury, foot pain can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, it is important not to take foot pain for granted because when left unattended, it may cause serious problems in the future. Remember, your feet are an important factor in your mobility. Anything that impedes you from using your foot should be addressed immediately. And this is where The Radiology Clinic enters the picture.  

Why choose The Radiology Clinic

When you are suffering from foot pain, you may be referred to a radiologist to obtain a 3T MRI to be able to diagnose your condition better and choose the right treatment procedure. The 3T MRI uses a strong magnet that is linked to a computer so it can create many high-resolution 2D or 3D images of the internal structures of your foot. 

The Radiology Clinic’s fellowship trained board-certified expert radiologists will review the images and produce a detailed diagnostic report in a timely manner.  Our staff will take the time to ask about your medical history that might affect the diagnosis of your condition as well as the treatment. Make sure to inform our staff if you have undergone surgeries such as implanting aneurysm clips, spinal stimulators, pacemakers in your body. Our staff will discuss with you the do’s and don’ts when undergoing an MRI. Then during the MRI procedure, make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing with no metals attached to it. 

Better MRI experience with The Radiology Clinic

The Radiology Clinic utilizes 3T MRI which is a better and faster option compared to 1.5T MRI. With this, patients will no longer have to wait longer for the results to come out. The use of 3T MRI ensures that our radiologist will have shorter examination times and more detailed images to provide better diagnostic capabilities. Thus, they will be able to see the structures inside your foot clearly. 

Moreover, the use of 3T MRI has opened up new doors for better diagnosis and treatment of foot problems and conditions. 3T MRI is recommended for use for bone and soft tissue injuries and disorders throughout the body.

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