peripheral artery diseasePeripheral artery disease is a common medical problem that primarily affects older individuals. If you smoke cigarettes or have diabetes mellitus, then you are more likely to develop this medical problem. There are approximately 3 million new cases of peripheral artery disease each year in the United States. This condition causes a reduction in the blood circulation in the limbs because the blood vessels have narrowed.

What Are the Dangers From Peripheral Artery Disease?

The symptoms from peripheral artery disease include leg pain while walking. This medical condition is caused by a buildup of calcium and fat on the interior surfaces of the blood vessels. When you have peripheral artery disease, it is possible to have dangerous complications such as a stroke or heart attack. You are also more likely to develop another chronic cardiovascular condition. The poor circulation in a leg can lead to inflammation that isn’t curable.

What Is an Arterial Duplex Ultrasound?

It is important to diagnose peripheral artery disease so that a physician can plan a course of treatments. The best way to diagnose this medical problem is with an arterial duplex ultrasound. This diagnostic test can be performed at The Radiology Clinic in Rockville, MD, by expert professional staff. This test is also known as an arterial duplex scan, and it is a painless procedure that doesn’t require any general or local anesthetics. A registered vascular technologist will examine your legs or other areas of your body with a transducer. This device is passed over your body to collect images so that a medical expert can see your blood vessels and arteries. With high-frequency sound waves, the ultrasound machine collects images of the blood vessels in your legs to determine if you do have peripheral artery disease.


Who Are Registered Vascular Technologists?

A registered vascular technologist is an individual who has completed a complete medical training program in sonography and vascular ultrasound in particular to complete diagnostic tests on patients under the supervision of physicians or surgeons. By working alongside a radiologist, this technologist is able to collect medical images of the blood vessels in your body to determine if you have peripheral artery disease. If you do have this condition, then a physician can recommend a specialized treatment plan based on the ultrasound results.  When your condition doesn’t improve with these treatments, it may be necessary to take medications or have surgery to reduce your symptoms.


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