Prepare for MRIIf you’ve been referred by your doctor for an MRI, you may feel concerned if you have never had this test before. With a little forethought and preparation, your MRI should be able to be completed without a hitch.

Prepare for MRI by taking these steps:


While the radiologist may receive your medical records from your primary physician, you will also be screened primarily for any potential metal inside your body prior to the MRI. Please tell The Radiology Clinic if you have any metal in your body, whether from accidents or from prior surgical procedures. This can include things like cochlear implants, pacemakers, clips for aneurysms, or spinal stimulators, among other objects that are inside of your body.

If you will have a contrast injection as a part of your MRI, the radiologist will likely need the results of a recent kidney function test. You can get this information from your primary care doctor. This information can be automatically faxed or sent from your primary care provider to The Radiology Clinic, or someone from our imaging center can call to get the information for you if you need the assistance.

The Radiology Clinic specializes in 3T MRIs. Click here to read more about the newest MRI technology available at our new state of the art imaging center.

On the day of your scan

First and foremost is to make sure that you wear clothing that is loose-fitting and comfortable. You may be able to wear your own clothing, depending on the area to be scanned. Make sure that you wear clothes that have no metal content, such as buttons, snaps, zippers, or any other metal decorations. If you wear a bra, make sure that you choose one without a metal underwire. You may be asked to change into a gown when you arrive for your MRI.

You should leave all valuables at home if at all possible. The Radiology Clinic does provide lockers and private dressing rooms for our patients with keyed locks in case you do have valuables that need to be securely stored away during your scan. Avoid wearing metal accessories to your appointment. This may include jewelry items such as necklaces and rings, hair clips, bobby pins, or metal clasps. You will have to remove these prior to your MRI, so it might be best just to leave these items at home. You can wear your metal glasses if you are required to do so, but you will just have to remove them prior to the test.

Ease your fears

There is no need to be nervous. Our expert, caring, and compassionate staff and experienced radiologists will make your comfort and safety their primary concern. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Taking the steps mentioned to prepare for MRI will promote a quick and easy testing procedure. If you are in the need for an MRI in Rockville or the surrounding areas, contact The Radiology Clinic by phone: 301-217-0500 or fill out the online form. With our patient care and service, even our claustrophobic patients find our MRI to be an easy, comfortable, and uneventful experience.