One of the most informative and useful pregnancy monitoring tools is ultrasound, also known as a sonogram. ultrasound imaging

How Does Ultrasound Technology Work?

This non-invasive procedure uses a plastic transducer to send high-frequency soundwaves to the pregnant woman’s uterus. These soundwaves are then transmitted back to a high-tech machine which converts them into images of the fetus.

What Are The Benefits Of Ultrasound In First Trimester?

The benefits of using an ultrasound as a diagnostic tool in pregnancy are vast. Some physicians will order an ultrasound during the first few weeks of pregnancy to confirm the due date. The Radiology Clinics’ use of ultrasound during the early stages of pregnancy provides the most accurate dating of the pregnancy since the fetus has not yet developed its unique growth pattern. An ultrasound in the first trimester can also detect if the mother is carrying multiples while also ruling out an ectopic pregnancy. During the early stages of pregnancy, this ultrasound is usually conducted transvaginally because the fetus is closer to the birth canal than the abdomen. A transvaginal ultrasound will provide the clearest picture of the fetus.

What Are The Benefits Of Ultrasound In The Second Trimester?

Most physicians also order an ultrasound midway through the pregnancy to check for a variety of issues. Sometimes referred to as an anatomy scan, this comprehensive ultrasound can help to detect abnormalities. Most patients can expect this scan to take up to 30 minutes. The sonographer will be able to see the baby’s developing organs in great detail. Eager parents look forward to this ultrasound because it is generally when the doctor will be able to accurately discern the gender of the baby. Because this scan happens when the pregnancy is further along, the procedure can be performed with a transducer used outside the abdomen rather than a transvaginal wand.

Ultrasounds may be ordered at other times during the pregnancy if the doctor senses a cause for concern. These scans may be performed for a variety of reasons, including the mother experiencing spotting or cramping, concerns with growth rate, or questions about the health of the placenta.

The Radiology Clinic provides a myriad of high-quality ultrasound services designed to equip our patients with the most knowledge available. The professional and friendly associates at The Radiology Clinic welcome the opportunity to share in this special time with you and your family as you catch some of the first glimpses of your growing family. Our technology employs the use of the latest in medical innovation to deliver to you the most advanced results. We look forward to serving you today!