football playersSports injuries have been affecting athletes of all kinds practically since the beginning of time. They can lead to intense pain and discomfort that can stop athletes from doing what they love the most. That’s participating in physical activity. If you have any kind of sports injury, you need to have it evaluated as soon as possible. Your doctor may request multiple tests to assess the root of the problem as well. MRIs, MRI arthrograms, CT scans, Xrays, and Ultrasounds are all common tests amongst people who have experienced sports injuries. MRI arthrograms are special MRIs that require an injection into the joint performed by our fellowship trained musculoskeletal radiologists prior to imaging to evaluate subtle structures such as the labrum and ligaments.  CAT scans are three dimensional xrays that enable healthcare professionals to analyze bones and joints in high resolution. MRI are the diagnostic workhorse in musculoskeletal imaging to assess for bone and soft tissue injuries. Thankfully, The Radiology Clinic in Rockville, MD, can use these tests to pinpoint sports injuries in patients with their state of the art imaging center and skilled medical team.

Do You Have a Sports Injury?

There are many varieties of sports injuries out there. Some examples of these are strains, sprains, joint trauma, shin splints, groin pulls, tennis elbow, sciatica and ,concussions. If you have any of these sports injuries, you may not initially realize it. That’s why it can be good to be aware of typical signs that are commonly linked to potential sports injuries. These include the following:

  • Abrupt and intense pain
  • Intense pain and weakness of the arms or the legs
  • Visible deformity
  • Loss of typical joint mobility
  • Swelling and bruising

If you have any of these signs, then you may need to take appropriate action. If you ned an imaging study, please contact The Radiology Clinic at 301-217-0500 to obtain a prompt diagnosis which in turn will lead to quick treatment.


Safeguarding Yourself From Possible Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be major inconveniences to many people. They can also be sources of strong pain and discomfort. If you move your body frequently, you should learn about things you may be able to do to safeguard yourself from possible sports injuries in the future. You can make yourself a lot less susceptible to sports injuries by depending on shoes that are fitting for your specific physical activities. It can be wise to consume a lot of water prior to physical activity participation. Water intake is your best friend. Comprehensive warm up sessions are critical, too. Stretching can be a significant aid. Routine checkups with doctors, last but not least, can also in many cases safeguard people from sports injuries and all of their unpleasant effects.


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Diagnostic imaging can be a great asset to doctors who are trying to understand sports injuries in patients. CT scans, for example, can often enable doctors to pinpoint tiny foot and ankle fractures. MRIs, on the other hand, can frequently identify labral and meniscal tears. Please reach out to The Radiology Clinic in Rockville, MD, for more about imaging for sports injuries to start your road to recovery for prompt and accurate diagnoses.